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85x200 Pull Up Banner (Felicia Chin Heartworks)
60x160cm Pull Up Banner
60x160cm X-banner
PVC Banner with Pole on Sand Base Stand
Are you looking to print Pull Up Banners, X Banners or PVC Banners to promote your products, decorate your shop or showcase your company at events? At Excelprint, we provide Quality Banner Printing services to meet your every need and budget.

Banners are great for displaying company products, services, information or location. We print a variety of display banners including Pull Up Banners, X Banners, PVC Banners and Banners on Display Stands.
Various Banner sizes are available depending on your display requirements. Our Banner materials include PP Paper, Yupo Paper, solvent paper, stickers to PVC canvas.

You can find the various sizes, materials and types of banners available here. The Banner prices are also available for reference.
 Pull Up Banner Banner Material
 Use Banner Size in cm Color  Available
 Price (S$)
 PP Paper
 Indoor 60 x 160 cm
 Silver stand
 PP Paper Indoor 60 x 200 cm
 Silver stand $79
 PP Paper Indoor 85 x 200 cm
 Silver stand
 Silver120 PP Paper Indoor 120 x 200 cm
 Silver stand $99
 Premium85 PP Paper Indoor 85 x 200 cm
 Silver premium
  X Banner     
 X Banner
 PP Paper / PVC Canvas
 Indoor 60 x 160 cm
 Black $65
 Display Banner
 PVC Banner PVC Canvas
 Outdoor Width 150 cm
 Length 700 cm
 Off-White canvas
 Silver eyelet
 Solvent Banner
 Solvent PP Paper
 Outdoor Width 120 cm
 Length 700 cm
 White $40psm

For more information on the various Banner Printing Services and how the banners look like, please click on the following links :
1) Pull Up Banners;
In addition to the above, you can also printed Mounted Posters to use with Display stands to promote your event or product. Do check out our selection of Display Stands for Banners and Mounted Posters here.

Artwork file preparation for Banner Print
1) Prepare Banner artwork using graphic software like Adobe Illustrator (AI), Photoshop or Freehand. Not recommended to use MS Powerpoint, Word or Excel as these software are not suitable for large format printing and editing.
2) Artwork size should be in ACTUAL size (e.g. for 85x200cm banner, artwork size should be 85 x 200cm) with resolution of 150dpi.
3) After artwork is finalised, convert artwork to pdf or high resolution jpeg.
4) Check pdf or jpeg file for errors and quality.
5) Send file to and call us at (65) 6468 1398 to confirm receipt of file and collection date.

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