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Don't know where to print your posters? Need to know about Poster sizes, Material available and Poster Printing prices? Come to Excelprint!

Poster Printing Services

Excelprint Solutions offers one of the largest Poster Printing Services in Singapore. You can choose to Print Posters for indoor or outdoor use.

Use Posters and Banners to display your products and services; as well as to direct customers to your shop location. A well-designed and printed Poster can help you sell your products and services more effectively.

Your Printed posters can also be mounted on foam or kappaline board and framed for display using our Banner Display Stands. You can also choose to laminate your Posters so they can be kept for a longer time.

Indoor Posters (Dye Ink) :

Indoor Posters are printed using dye inks on our HP Inkjet large format printer. Indoor posters are suitable for presentations, exhibitions, training workshops, shop display, product display and frequently-changed displays.

Dye ink posters offer more vibrant colours although they might fade after 12 months, depending on the display environment.

Outdoor Posters (Solvent) :

Outdoor Posters are printed using eco-solvent inks on our Roland VS-540 Eco-Solvent large format printer and they offer longer-lasting appearance and are water-resistant in nature. They are suitable for wedding photos, corporate posters, signboards and more permanent displays.

Most printing companies in Singapore use only 4-color solvent machines with third-party inks to print the solvent posters for their customers. With lower quality inks and only a limited color gamut, these solvent posters are often lacklustre in color and poor in image quality.

At Excelprint, we use only Original Ink from Roland for our solvent posters. Our Roland VS540 printer; a 8-color machine with Cyan(C), Magenta(M), Yellow(Y), BlacK(K), Light Magenta(LM), Light Cyan(LC), White (W) and Silver (S) inks, provides a wide color gamut and ensure each poster is vibrant in color and solid in print quality. In fact, our customers can't tell the difference between our solvent and indoor posters as the solvent posters are often of the same vibrancy and quality as our indoor posters!  

Poster Sizes, Material & Price

We offer Posters of various sizes, depending on your needs.

Standard sizes are :

A4 : 29.7x21cm,

A3 : 29.7x42cm,

A2 : 42x59.4cm,

A1 : 59.4x84cm,

A0 : 84x118.8cm.

We also offer customized sizes according to what you require.

Do click here for a detailed list of sizes and price information.

Poster materials range from PP paper, Stickers, Trans, Glass Sticker, Clear Sticker to PVC canvas.

We offer Indoor PostersOutdoor Posters, Mounted Posters and Laminated Posters.

Artwork file preparation for Poster Print

1) Prepare artwork using graphic software like Adobe Illustrator (AI), Photoshop or Freehand. Not recommended to use MS Powerpoint, Word or Excel as these software are not suitable for large format printing and editing.

2) Artwork size should be in ACTUAL size (e.g. for A1 poster, artwork size should be 59.4 x 84mm) with resolution of 150dpi.

3) After artwork is finalised, convert artwork to pdf or high resolution jpeg.

4) Check pdf or jpeg file for errors and quality.

5) Send file to and call us at (65) 6468 1398 to confirm receipt of file and collection date.


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